42 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL | OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 FEATURES A Lot of Nothing James and Vanessa are ostensibly the perfect married couple—beautiful, successful, and smart. Their lives spiral out of control when they decide to seek justice against a neighbor they saw commit a crime on the evening news. Q & A with cast and crew after screening. Director: Mo McRae Producer: Inny Clemons, MoMcRae, Jason Tamasco Writer: Sarah Kelly Kaplan, Mo McRae Cast: Justin Hartley, Andrew Leeds, Y’lan Noel, Cleopatra Coleman, Sheila Carracci, Skye P. Marshall, Shamier Anderson 2022 - United States FEATURE FILMS 2022 - Ireland AmericanMurderer American Murderer is based on the true story of Jason Derek Brown, a charismatic con man turned party king who bankrolls his luxurious lifestyle through a series of scams. When his funds run low and his past catches up with him, he plots his most elaborate scheme yet and, in the process, becomes the FBI’s most unlikely—and elusive—top ten fugitive.. Q & A with cast and crew after screening. Director: Matthew Gentile Producer: Kevin Matusow, Gia Walsh, Carissa Buffel Writer: Matthew Gentile Cast: Tom Pelphrey, Ryan Phillippe, Idina Menzel, Jacki Weaver, Paul Schneider, Shantel VanSanten, Moises Arias, Kevin Corrigan 2021 - United States AISHA While caught for years in Ireland’s immigration system Aisha Osagie develops a close friendship with former prisoner Conor Healy. This friendship soon looks to be short lived as Aisha’s future in Ireland comes under threat. Director: Frank Berry Producer: Tristan Orpen Lynch, Aoife O’Sullivan, Donna Eperon, Sam Bisbee Writer: Frank Berry Cast: Letitia Wright, Josh O’Connor ARGENTINA, 1985 This rousing political thriller is based on real-life events as Argentina made a faltering transition from the murderous rule of the military junta to democracy and the start of restorative justice. In this courtroom drama, a public prosecutor, a young lawyer, and their inexperienced legal team dared to prosecute the heads of Argentina’s bloody military dictatorship. Contender for Argentina’s Academy Nomination Director: Santiago Mitre Writer: Mariano Llinas, Santiago Mitre Cast: Norman Briski, Claudio Da Passano, Ricardo Darin, Hector Diaz, Alejandra Flechner, Alejo Garcia Pintos, Peter Lanzani, Carlos Portaluppi 2022 - Argentina