OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 | NewportBeachFilmFest.com | NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL 47 Jethica Hiding out in New Mexico after a freak accident, Elena runs into Jessica, an old friend from high school. When Jessica’s stalker suddenly shows up at their door, they must seek help from beyond the grave to get rid of him, for good. Q & A with cast and crew after screening. Director: Pete Ohs Producer: Pete Ohs Writer: Andy Faulkner, Callie Hernandez, Will Madden, Pete Ohs, Ashley Denise Robinson Cast: Callie Hernandez, Will Madden, Ashley Denise Robinson, Andy Faulkner 2022 - United States FEATURES Manifest West A coming-of-age story told through the eyes of Riley Hayes, a 10-year-old girl whose family moves off the grid into an untamed North American wilderness in an attempt to establish some form of normalcy, thrive off the land, and escape the pressures of modern society. Q & A with cast and crew after screening. Director: Joe Dietsch, Louie Gibson Producer: Bryson Pintard Writer: Joe Dietsch, Louie Gibson Cast: Lexy Kolker, Annet Mahendru, Milo Gibson, Tim Heidecker, Michael Cudlitz 2022 - United States My Best Friend’s Breakfast For 17-year-old sophomore Xiang Wei-xin, food is the most healing and important thing in her life. Because of food, she meets popular senior Tao You-quan in the convenience store on campus and gets her first taste of the uniquely bittersweet flavors of young love. Director: Zheng-Zhe Du Producer: Eric Liang, David Liu, Daphne Wang Writer: Zheng-Zhe Du Cast: Moon Lee, Eric Chou, Jean Ho 2022 - Taiwan Next Exit When a research scientist makes national news proving she can track people into the afterlife, Rose sees a way out and Teddy sees his chance to finally make it. These two strangers, both harboring dark secrets, race to join the doctor’s contentious study and leave this life behind. While Rose is haunted by a ghostly presence that she can’t outrun, Teddy is forced to confront his past. As these two misfits humorously quarrel their way across the country, they meet people along the way who force them to reckon with what is really driving them. Director: Mali Elfman Producer: Derek Bishe, Mali Elfman, Narineh Hacopian Writer: Mali Elfman Cast: Gavin Powers, Joe Powers, Katie Parker, Karen Gillan 2022 - United States