OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 | NewportBeachFilmFest.com | NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL 53 TheMental State In the heart of rural Kentucky, a high school senior and his family struggle to cope with the true identity and intentions of a dangerous town shooter. Q & A with cast and crew after screening. Director: James Camali Producer: Matthew Einstein, Glen Trotiner, Ronnee Swenton Writer: Jeremy Anderson, Joshua Barclay, James Camali Cast: Jance Enslin, Carly Pope, Alyssa Sutherland, Bryan Greenberg, Alison Thronton, Blaine Maye, Michael Gladis, Jim True-Frost, William R. Moses, Remington Moses 2022 - United States FEATURES 2021 - United States The Park Three kids find themselves in an abandoned amusement park, aiming to unite whoever remains of their world in this dystopian coming of age tale. With dangers lurking around every corner, they will do whatever it takes to survive this hellish Neverland. Director: Shal Ngo Producer: Natalie Metzger Writer: Shal Ngo Cast: Chloe Guidry, Carmina Garay, Nhedrick Jabier 2021 - United States TheMoon & Back A year after her father’s death, Lydia and her mom begin to pack up their house as they prepare to move and, in the process, Lydia discovers an epic (and terrible) unfinished science fiction screenplay, “Space Chronicles” written by her dad. Lydia enlists her childhood friend Simon to help her produce the screenplay in honor of her late father, but, in the process, Lydia will need to write the ending that her father never could. Director: Leah Bleich Producer: Tessa Byford Writer: Leah Bleich Cast: Isabel May, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Missi Pyle, P.J. Byrne, Nat Faxon, Taiv Lee, Molly Jackson, Elyse Pham, Chantal Casutt, Riley Madison Fuller, Roman Michael The Road Dance A young girl lives in the Outer Hebrides in a small village in the years just before WWI. Isolated and hard by the shore, her life takes a dramatic change when a terrible tragedy befalls her. Q & A with cast and crew after screening. Director: Richie Adams Producer: Maryilene Blondell, Jim Kreutzer, Steve Shapiro Writer: Richie Adams Cast: Hermione Corfield, Morven Christie, Mark Gatiss,Will Fletcher, Ali Fumiko Whitney 2022 - United Kingdom