54 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL | OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 FEATURES Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying After finding out their best friend is dying, filmmakers Parker and Devin decide to document their journey to see Wes one last time—all in the name of Hollywood success. Director: Parker Seaman Producer: Devin Das, Parker Seaman, Trent Anderson, Adam Maffei Writer: Devin Das, Parker Seaman Cast: Devin Das, Parker Seaman, Wes Schlagenahuf, D’Arcy Carden, Mark Duplass, Aparna Nancherla 2022 - United States FEATURE FILMS The Troubles, a Dublin Story Two young Dublin brothers must navigate loyalty, honor, and the dangerous world of republicanism as they fuel the Northern war machine—by any means necessary. Director: Luke Hanlon Producer: Luke Hanlon Writer: Luke Hanlon Cast: Ray Malone, Adam Redmond, Wayne Byrne, William Delaney, Sarah Hayden, Sophia Adli 2022 - Ireland Winners In a small provincial Iranian town, the children work hard to support their families. One day nine-year-old Yahya and his friend Leyla find a precious statue. Sharing a passion for cinema, Yahya’s boss Naser Khan (Reza Naji) decides to help them find the owner. Director: Hassan Nazer Producer: Nadira Murray Writer: Hassan Nazer Cast: Reza Naji, Hossein Abedini, Parsa Maghami, Helia Mohammadkhani, Malalai Zikria 2022 - Iran “One of the most t ked- bo t comp nies n tionwide.” Los Angeles Times “ November 3 • 7:30 pm Bodytraffic Bodytrac is presented with lead support from: THE SEGERSTROM FOUNDATION. The Center's International Dance Series is made possible by the Audrey Steele Burnand Endowed Fund for International Dance and The Segerstrom Foundation Endowment for Great Performances. scfta.org Segerstrom Center Presents