62 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL | OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 European (French) Spotlight TheWorst Ones In this playful film-within-a-film about the challenges and perils of street casting a group of teenagers from the cité Pablo Picasso, a housing project in the suburbs of Boulogne-Sur-Mer, in the north of France, Flemish director Gabriel tells a prospective actor that he’s looking for children who haven’t had easy lives. The response is “Seems like you’re just looking for the worst ones.” France’s entry to the Academy Awards. Director: Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret Producer: Marine Alaric, Frédéric Jouve Cast: Mallory Wanecwue, Timéo Mahaut, Johan Heldenbergh 2022- France FRENCH& ITALIAN SPOTLIGHTS European (Italian) Spotlight An Italian Gourmet Crime Story / La Cena Perfetta Carmine runs a restaurant to launder dirty money, and Carmine is a good-hearted mafioso who runs a moneylaundering restaurant. Consuelo is an ambitious chef in search of perfection. When they meet and discover a shared love for food and the dream of winning a Michelin star, their odd relationship affords them both a second chance at life, and an opportunity for redemption. Director: Davide Minnella Producer: Federica Lucisano, Fulvio Lucisano Writer: Gianluca Bernardini, Giordana Mari, Stefano Sardo Cast: Salvatore Esposito, Greta Scarano, Gianluca Fru 2020 - Italy