66 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL | OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 PASIFICRIM SPOTLIGHTS For Screening details please visit NewportBeachFilmFest.com Korean Spotlight My Perfect Roommate Gum Bun, an old lady who’s lived alone all her life, and Ji Woong, a young college student who’s ready to do anything to earn money, now have to live together for the “Saving Rent Project with Elderly Living Alone.” Living with someone else is not an easy task for anybody, and it becomes even more adventurous when it comes to this 70-year-old lady and young college student, who clash initially, but eventually warm up to each other. Director: Soon-Sung Lee Producer: Park Jam-yung Writer: Soon-Sung Lee Cast: Moon-hee Na, Choi Woo-Sung, Sun Ja Choi, Ahn Kil-kang, Kim Sol-Bi 2021 - South Korea Vietnamese Spotlight A Hundred Billion Key By chance, in this wacky and laugh-filled story about the fateful meetings of the trio Mai, Dung, and Thach, they have the opportunity to experience different lives. Thach turned from a notorious assassin to an amnesiac struggling with all sorts of jobs. Dung, who was a lowly actor who could not play a role, suddenly owned a lot of money and property. Mai, the female driver who hasn’t had any love in her life for a long time, suddenly finds someone who makes her flutter, cares for her, and wants to take care of her. The whole movie is a story of tears— as each day passes, they have to find a way to live their best lives with the new identity they accidently get. Director: Vo Thanh Hoa Producer: Orange Films Cast: Kieu Minh Tuan,Thu Trang, Ahn Tu, Jun Vu 2022 - Vietnam