76 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL | OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 76 AA + D Fashion Reimagined Amy Powney, a daughter of environmental activists, transforms from outsider to industry leader as she sets out to create a fashion collection that is ethical and sustainable at every level. Director: Becky Hutner Producer: Becky Hutner, Lindsay Lowe, Andrea van Beuren Cast: Amy Powney, Chloé Marks 2022 - United Kingdom, United States ART, ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN FILMS Greenhouse by Joost x Extending a lifetime’s worth of zero-waste activism, visionary designer Bakker devises the Future Food System, a self-sufficient residence that provides shelter, food and energy while reusing any by-products as fuel or fertilizer. Joined by esteemed chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett, he works with a team of builders, engineers, and experts in agriculture, aquaponics, and biochemistry to realize the project at Melbourne’s Fed Square – culminating in the launch of a unique farm-to-table restaurant. Director: Bruce Permezel, Rhian Skirving Producer: Nick Batzias, Charlotte Wheaton Writer: Rhian Skirving Cast: Joost Bakker 2020 - Australia Klostės | Folds KLOSTĖS is a black & white nonverbal film created by the People of Kaunas Lithuania together with artist and filmmaker Aideen Barry. The film takes inspiration from Kaunas interwar modernism and the hidden histories associated with the magical city. In this film, there are no texts, nor voiceover, but every architectural object in it speaks through image, Foley sound and movement, through metaphors of each playful sketch. Each segment of the film intrigues with a different enchanting artistic spell. Director: Aideen Barry Writer: Sandra Bernotatite Cast: Aura, Tekle Baroti 2022 - Lithuania MakeMe Famous A madcap romp through the 1980’s downtown New York City art scene amid the colorful career of ambitious painter, Edward Brezinski. Hell-bent on making it, Brezinski’s quest for fame gives an intimate portrait of the art world’s attitude towards success and failure. Director: Brian Vincent Producer: Heather Spore, Brian Vincent Writer: Brian Vincent, Heather Spore Cast: David McDermott, Marguerite Van Cook, Peter McGough, Annina Nosei 2021 - United States