78 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL | OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 MUSIC MUSIC FILMS Finding Her Beat For thousands of years women have been locked out of Taiko drumming. Not anymore. In the dead of a Minnesota winter, Asian drumming divas smash gender roles and redefine power on their own terms. FINDING HER BEAT dives into the rhythms and struggles that lead to an electrifying historic performance that changes everything. Q & A with cast and crew after screening. Director: Dawn Mikkelson, Kerry Pickett Producer: Dawn Mikkelson, Jennifer Weir Cast: Tiffany Tamaribuchi, Kaoli Aston, Chieko Kohima, Megan Chao-Smith, Jennifer Weir 2022 - United States Getting It Back: The Story of Cymande The British group Cymande are unsung heroes whose message of peace, love and funk sailed beyond Britain’s shores and helped shape music for five decades. Long after they stopped performing, the music played on, so they returned for a long-awaited encore. Director: Tim Mackenzie-Smith Producer: Matt Wyllie Cast: Masta Ace, Jazzie B, Cut Chemist, Cymande, Jim James, DJ Maseo, Kool DJ Red Alert 2022 - United Kingdom 2021 - United States 2022 - United States Jose Feliciano - Behind This Guitar The movie chronicles the 55+ year career of Jose Feliciano, an eight-time Grammy winner, as he became one of the most significant Latin crossover artists in all of music history. A member of a select group of musicians whose work is so prominent in global pop culture, Jose Feliciano is someone you may think you don’t know until you hear his music. Director: Frank Licari, Helen Murphy Producer: Frank Licari, Frank Murphy, Khoa D. Le Writer: Frank Licari, Helen Murphy Cast: Jose Feliciano, Carlos Santana, Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, Rudy Perez, Frank Licari Let There Be Drums! After the Grateful Dead’s final 50th anniversary shows in 2015, filmmaker Justin Kreutzmann (son of the Dead’s drummer, Bill Kreutzmann) realized that, for the first time, he and his dad could forge a relationship outside the shadow of the band. This inspired Justin to sit down with the world’s greatest drummers, in the hopes of better understanding both his father and the instrument that has defined his life. Along the way, “Let There Be Drums!” examines the personal struggles many musicians and their families have faced, how music passes from generation to generation, and the role that drumming plays in human life. Director: Justin Kreutzmann Producer: Alex Blavatnik, Bernie Cahill, Sean M. Stuart Writer: Justin Kreutzmann, Kevin Lincoln Cast: Taylor Hawkins, Keith Moon, Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland