92 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL | OCTOBER 13-20, 2022 ANIMATION FASCINATION Something Fishy, The Originals, Little Hurts, The Social Chameleon, Period Drama, Manō, 7 LBS 8 OZ, An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It, BREAK bug, Regular Rabbit, Birthday, New Moon ART, CULTURE & DESIGN SHORT DOCS Big Mama’s Antiques & Restorations, That Tree Lives On: A Film about Terry Ratliff, Gus Alva | Paradigm+++Mas, Tech to the Future, Kurosawa’s Grave, Sean & The Ramblings of a Sculpture Artist, Cara Romero: Following the Light AWKWARD AND SHORT The F-Word, Call Casting, Deacon: Let Us Pray, Bitter Taste, Melons, Scam Likely, Dog Lover, Legs COMING OF AGE SHORTS Brownsville Bred, Wei-Lai, Long Line of Ladies, A BROTHER STORY, The Blue Scarf CRIME AND SHORT PUNISHMENT Marked, The Mouse, When Buying a Fine Murder, The Well, The Stranger DISPLACED IN A SHORT WORLD Micks Out, THE SPRAYER, Ain’t No Mercy for Rabbits, Burros, THOSE NAMES, TwentyTwo, The Knock ENVIRONMENTAL SHORT DOCS The Scientist’s Warning, Big Water Summer: A Creation Story, Winter Worm Summer Grass EXPECT THE UNEXSHORTED All That Glitters, Walls Like Windows, Babatoura, BLINKS, Curiosity, A Made Bed, Miss Patti GOALS & SHORT CHALLENGES DOCS Luna, Acts For The Invisible, Chinatown: Our Only Home, HEALING IN THE OPEN IRISH A-SHORT-MENT An Irish Goodbye, Bad Boy Buck, Imbas Forosnai, Not My Sister, Warts & All IRISH LIVING IN A SHORTS WORLD First Date, Mildly Different, Throw Your Heart Over First, Bestial Ones, Burn It All KEEP IT A SECRET, TOM & I LA TIMES DOCS 1 innocence., Nasir, The Picture Taking Experiment, Kylie, After Skid Row, We Are Like Waves, The Beauty President, (What They’ve Been Taught) LA TIMES DOCS 2 Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding, Alice Waters: How to Start a Food Revolution, The Chemical Factory, Breach of Trust, Sentinels, Victor and Isolina LOVE AND SHORT LOSS Tsutsue, Mother in The Mist, Calabaza, Sam and Doug, Moose Tracks, Ghosted MUSIC TO YOUR SHORT EARS Don’t You Go Nowhere, Tasbeeh, Ruthless, The Last Raptor, Street Performer, Echoes of Kef Time MUSIC VIDEOS Living my Best Life | Ben Rector, Fade Into You, Girls on the Internet, Desert Sessions - If You Run, Just A Word - Prateek Kuhad (Dir. @Alex_DiMarco), Wussup Wit That, 1955, Noizu - Summer 91 (Looking Back), Skinaffect - Monkeytruck, Halloween, SKIN, SAB NIGHTMARE ON SHORT STREET Cruise, BOWLHEAD, Bye Bye Baby, Mama Retreat, Rooted, Sushi Noh OLDER NOT SHORTER Daydreaming, Catch the Bus, A Void, Hold the Lighthouse, Anniversary ON THE SHORT EDGE OF REALITY JUNE, Typesetter, Death’s Diner, What to do with Wallace Woods?, Allen’s Love, A Wall PBS - FINE CUTS You Happen Here, Fine Cut Long Lead, Mother in The Mist, Neurodivergent, Horned Cook, Gola, Beauty Queen PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHORTS Cabeceo, Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story, Qingren (Lover), Dateleap, Lead/Follow, Tapping Into Our Past, Tapping Into Our Future: Ayodele Casel, An Evening With Taglioni ROMANCE SHORTS Manny and Quinn, Heart Land, Angel, Coromance-19, Pueblo, My Love, The Perfect First Date SHORT INTERESTING PEOPLE DOCS The Prospector, Entering Pornland: Darren, Lalito 10, Jumping Into Fire, A Very Fragile Thing, Nice To Meet You All, Con Su Pluma en Su Mano: The Ballad of Gustavo Arellano SHORT RELATIONSHIPS SISSY, Time, Blinkers, The Stupid Boy, The Long Walk Home, Merit x Zoe SHORT SWEET AND QUEER Gender Outlaw, a bodysurfing story, North Star, Swim, Cardiff SHORTS FOR SHORTIES Space Race, Nounours, A Book By Its Cover, The Perfect Fit, Andy “A Dog’s Tale” SPORTS SHORTS Dhaulagiri, Elevated, Chaos and Quiet, Young Bucks TEENS & SHORT TWEENS Conducting Life, Tomboy, So Much More to Offer, A Bass for Ava, Iron Sharpens Iron, Friendship UPLIFTING SHORT DOCS Remnants of Memory, POWERS, Aonghas – A Wish for the Waves, End of the Road, Just Hold On WOMEN TAKING CHARGE SHORTLY American Dream, Women of Burden, Hysterical, Sally Leapt Out Of A Window Last Night, Maasa YOUTH SHORTS A Prayer for My Mother: The Eva Brettler Story, The White Rose, Black Prayers Matter, Are We American?, Persuasion Over Force: The Clouded Legacy of the Sunshine Policy, White, A World Beyond The Screen, Faces, Girls, The Truth About Kindergarten, The Oub SHORT FILMS SHORTS